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A solution Selling Breakthrough

Unlocking Your True Value as
a Sales Professional

An Introduction to New Gap Selling

An Introduction to New Gap Selling


Customers are more connected and informed than ever before. With information, research and data ubiquitous and instantly accessible, many prospects prefer to self-educate and often draw conclusions on which products and services are best well in advance of a sales rep’s call. As such, many salespeople are becoming incidental to the buying process, and in numerous cases due to an unsophisticated, non solution selling led approach, an impediment to the sale itself. 

Yet, as advanced as business becomes, people still buy people, not products – however, if we do not recognize the true nature of our role as sales professionals, if we abdicate our responsibility to embody the characteristics our position presents us with, then technology and ubiquitous information will steamroll the average salesperson into obsolesce.

To remain competitive we must unlock our true value as sales professionals. 

As salespeople, we are extremely well positioned to advance beyond the selling techniques of the past and serve as trusted advisors and an invaluable resource, one our clients cannot do without … as long as we come to understand (and leverage) our real value in the market.

A Solution Selling Breakthrough

We have the ability to become an irreplaceable advantage for our clients, a highly credible expert and influential extension of their team; someone with whom they must invest their time in getting to know, seek advice from and work closely with.

So what is our true worth as a sales professional and how do we leverage it?

How do we become invaluable?

New Gap Selling

How can we truly expect to help our prospects overcome the issues they face unless we also understand the challenges faced by those our prospects look to sell their products and services to… 

Their customers! 

If we can unearth the pressing issues faced by those who make use of our clients’ products and services, the types of issues that lead to an urgent requirement for our customers’ solutions, and if we can properly communicate this knowledge to our prospects…  

Then we are adding real, distinct and highly attractive value to the (sales) equation. 

Selling the New Gap is a quantum leap in sales methodology and selling skills  in that, when you identify the disparity that exists between your prospect’s need to sell product and their customer’s challenge in finding an appropriate solution, and communicate your understanding of the dilemma faced by both sides, you have exposed a far larger (and more imperative) gap than the one which exists solely within your customer’s less than perfect people, products and/or processes.  

In so doing, you become perfectly positioned to bridge this bigger, more compelling (and more critical) divergence with both your exclusive insight and, ultimately, your solution.  

In this way you deliver powerful (and most importantly, unique) value to both your prospect and their customers. 

So how do you develop a New Gap Selling inspired conversation … a true consultative selling led approach? 

How do you add real value by becoming a source of actionable intelligence for your prospects (and clients) and offer credible insight that helps them understand their own customers better?

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